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Other Attorneys

"I learn things from him."

"Some attorneys are able to think out of the box. With Attorney Wingrove, there is no box."





"Mr. Wingrove is an outstanding lawyer".

"From my perspective, this attorney is not afraid to file a motion, he will file motions, and he will vigorously litigate motions that he thinks have any legal basis."

"Mr. Wingrove is diligent, he is thoughtful, he works hard, he is smart. What I have seen of him, he is one of the best lawyers on the Public Defender's office list."


"I was in what seemed to be a no-win situation with the criminal justice system before Attorney Charles Wingrove walked through the door and introduced himself as my legal counsel. Due to his hard work, commitment to his client, and knowledge of the practice of law, my experience went from a feeling of hopelessness to a situation where a productive and responsible outcome was achieved. Not only is Attorney Charles Wingrove savvy in his understanding of the law itself, he also has the experience to navigate the many complicated avenues and complexities in the legal system that may intimidate other attorneys. This, along with his good reputation as an ethical person who can be trusted, helped steer my legal troubles from a road that was certain to end at prison to a road where I had options to defend myself from the State. I have never felt more protected as a client who was caught up in the criminal justice system than I had as a client of Attorney Charles Wingrove."
(Provided by David )

"In February of 2010, I was accused of being in a bar fight when I was really at home and asleep. Between that time and October of 2011, I had a court-appointed attorney and a public defender, but nothing really happened. On October 19, 2011, Attorney Wingrove took my case. He reviewed the file, we discussed things, and he started preparing my defense. On December 13, 2011, the State agreed with Attorney Wingrove and the charges against me were dismissed."

"Due to an addiction, I made some mistakes. The State went nuts - 26 felonies and 6 misdemeanors, in Sheboygan County alone, all with habitual criminal penalty enhancers. I was represented by Charles Wingrove, who always treated me with respect, like a person. He went to work filing motions to whittle down the charges. Rather than face the motion practice, the District Attorney dismissed most of the charges then negotiated a favorable pretrial offer, giving me an opportunity to address my issues and make amends."
(Provided by Larry)

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"I'd hire him."