Dedicated, Effective, Fearless, Aggressive, and Respectful Legal Service

Located in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Attorney Wingrove focuses his legal practice on criminal defense and assisting those with mental disabilities who find themselves in a bad or challenging situation. Attorney Wingrove works not only to make the situation better, but also to help the accused understand the issues all in an effort to make informed choices based on their values - pushing to achieve positive results.  Attorney Wingrove practices primarily in Brown, Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan Counties. 

Our Defense Strategy

Wingrove Law Office believes in waging a defense by scrutinizing the accusation, the law, the evidence, and then countering with the use of investigators, and intellectual firepower to assert your rights to a successful defense.

Conviction is Not Inevitable

We do not accept “innocence until proven guilty" because conviction is not inevitable. Instead, we use our intelligence, experience, determination, and attention to detail to identify issues to defeat or mitigate the charge(s).

Navigating "The System"

Like every system, parts of the criminal justice system appear to work well while other parts do not. You need an attorney that knows how to navigate both the smooth and rough edges of the system to your advantage. Attorney Wingrove will work to achieve acquittals at trial. Our aggressive motion practice often results in dismissal or reduction of charges before trial.

Winning is Everything

Through his years of experience, Attorney Charles Wingrove has successfully resolved thousands of cases and achieved success for his clients. Contact Wingrove Law Offices at (920) 458-4000 when someone you care about is in trouble.